Age: 8+, Group Size: 15+ people, Energy Level: Moderate
Target Themes: Icebreaker, Observation, Nonverbal communication
Supplies: Activator cards

This is a great game to play with a big group that doesn’t know each other well. It helps break down boundaries and encourage: everyone to laugh and be silly.
Before the game, facilitators should print out activator cards or create their own action cards. Examples are “sing the abc’s”, “count to 10,” “act like a frog,” and “give everyone compliments.” There should also be cards that say “activator.”
To play the game, have everyone sit in a circle and close their eyes. Explain that they will all be given a card that either has an action on it or the word “activator”. Facilitators should pay attention to who receives the activator cards. In this game the people with the activator cards will be trying to get other players to do the action on their cards by “activating” them. This can be done by winking at them, sticking their tongue out, or some other discrete action. Once “activated” players must continue to perform their action until the game is over. Non activated players must try to figure out who the activators are and raise their hand to ask the facilitators if their guess is correct. If they are correct then the activator who has been identified will be given an action card and is activated for the rest of the game; if the guess is wrong the player is now activated.

Tips and Tricks: If you have shyer members select less risky action cards for them.

activator grid.jpg