Age: 5+, Group Size: 10-100 people (even teams of 4-10), Energy Level: Moderate
Target Themes: Creativity, Communication, Respecting differences, Appreciating diversity

Split the group into small groups of 4-10. Explain that each group has just founded a new planet. They must come up with a name for their planet and a way to greet people. Their greeting should include a word or phrase and a motion. Encourage teams to be creative when they decide on their name and greeting. Give teams a few minutes to discuss and then call the group back together. Tell them that they will all be going to a party and should try to make some new friends from other planets. Tell them to mingle and introduce themselves, by saying where they’re from and greeting others with their planet’s greeting. Give players a few minutes to mingle. If the group is shy you can make a rule that they must meet a certain number of new people. After the group is done talking, have them come back together. Have someone from each planet share their name and greeting with the group.