Age: 7+, Group Size: 6+ people divided into pairs, Energy Level: Moderate
Target Themes: Problem Solving, Communication, Critical thinking, Teamwork
Supplies: One balloon or soft ball for each pair
Begin by marking off the boundaries for the relay. You should set aside about 10 feet for younger players and 15-20 for older players. Divide the group into pairs and give each pair a balloon. Explain that each pair must balance the balloon between them while they walk from the starting line to the finish line, but that they can’t use their hands to keep it up. They cannot let the balloon touch the ground at any time. Common ways of doing this are putting it between their arms, backs, or heads. If groups are successful, challenge them to do it again a different way.
Some more challenging ways are:
  • Balancing the balloon between their hips or knees
  • Balancing a smaller object like a wiffleball, piece of fruit, or a stuffed animal
  • Complete the relay without talking
  • Work in groups of three or four instead of pairs
  • Create an obstacle course instead of a straight
You can do this activity competitively but if you are going to do so, work up to it. Let pairs try it out and figure out how to do it a few times first.