Age: 10+, Group size: 10+ people, Energy Level: Low

Target Themes: Introductions, Individuality, Self-reflection

Every player receives a piece of paper and a deflated balloon. On the piece of paper they write one strength they have, and on the balloon they write one weakness. Each player places the paper inside the balloon, inflates the balloon, and ties it. The balloons are all tossed in the middle of the group and everyone tries to find a balloon (not their own) with something they consider a strength (example: if someone wrote “not always appreciative,” and someone else feels they always are, the second person would grab that balloon). When every player has a balloon, the group stands in a circle and one person begins by explaining why they chose the balloon they did. They then pop the balloon and read the strength, at which time the person whose balloon that originally was explains why they wrote the strength they wrote. They then explain the balloon they picked, pop it, and this continues until everyone has shared.