Big Wind Blows

Age: All, Group Size: 15+ people, Energy Level: Moderate
Target Themes: Icebreaker, Safe space, Self-reflection, Respecting differences

This is a great game to play with a big group of people who may not know each other well and a great way to find commonalities among group members.
Begin by getting the group to stand forming one big circle, with the facilitator in the middle. The facilitator should explain that he/she will say a statement beginning with “The Big Wind Blows for people who….” and then complete the sentence with a statement that applies to them. For example, the facilitator could say, “The Big Wind Blows for people who have a younger sister” or “…people who live on campus”. Once the facilitator has finished the statement, anyone in the circle whom that statement applies to should leave their place in the circle and find a new spot (this cannot be the spot on either side of the person). The person in the middle will also try to take a spot in the circle. The remaining person who is left without a place in the circle must come up with the next statement.