Fishy Fishy Cross My Ocean

Age: 7+, Group Size: 15+ people, Energy Level: High
Target Themes: Interconnectedness

Form a line of people at one end of an open space. Choose one or two people to be “sharks” that will stand in the middle of the playing field. When the people in the middle say “fishy fishy cross my ocean,” the people in the line will need to run across to the other side, trying not to get tagged by the “sharks” in the middle. Anyone that does get tagged becomes a shark for the next round and must stand in the middle and try to tag people that run from side to side. The game ends when you run out of time or everyone is tagged.

Helpful Hints:
Play one round without any special instructions, and then give the tagging team and the running team time to come up with a strategy. Play a few rounds and see which team wins. This can be a great opportunity to talk about problem solving and strategizing in the debrief.

Safari – Children on a safari are trying not to be attacked by a lion. They have to make it back to their cars before they become the lion’s lunch.
Midnight Wolf – The wolf calls out a time of day: if it is 1 o’clock, one player must cross. If it is 2 o’clock, two players must cross, etc. At midnight everyone must cross the area of play. If players are tagged they must become wolves.